When we come from our heart and our highest
and most loving self
Harmony is restored in all our relationships -
with our Heart, Mind and Spirit; the Human Family
and the Sacred Land

Bold Life Magazine
(a correction in the article: Ho'oponopono is not Hula.  It is one of the most ancient values and practices in the Hawaiian culture to bring peaceful resolution to conflict within the family and between individuals.)  

Helping us to Restore and Heal our Relationships with our Heart, Mind & Spirit, the Human Family and the Sacred Land

The Heart of Aloha came out of my own personal journey.  In looking for answers to the challenges I was experiencing, especially as a woman and why I was here. I found myself drawn to several of the ancient indigenous traditions.  I apprenticed with a Native American Shaman for 14 years, and I began officiating at ceremonies and celebrations of life, under her guidance, in the late 80's. Also In the late 80's, I found  the ancient Hawaiian culture and their "Living the Aloha Spirit".  I especially connected to how healing and therapeutic their indigenous dance and ancient storytelling is - the Hula.  It helped my body, mind and  spirit to heal from physical and emotional traumas I experienced, starting from early in my life.  I felt I had come home to myself, and these indigenous traditions have helped me since then in continuing to move through some very hard times - those dark nights of the soul - and in how I live my life now on a daily basis.  I feel so honored with all that my teachers have shared with me from these beautiful and rich cultures, that I now have the opportunity to  pass on to other women to help them to heal.  And my kuleana (my responsibility) is also to "pay forward" what was shared with me to help other non-indigenous people to have a better understanding and knowledge of who both the Native American and the Hawaiian people are as the indigenous, original people who first inhabited what is now the United States, and in how both are doing everything they can to keep their cultures alive and well.   

Aloha Nui! 
Kaleonahenaheonalani (Kaleo) Wheeler

An Introductory Healing with Hula Workshop 
Saturday, May 18, 2018
10:00am - 12:00pm   
Location: Anytime Fitness Gym, 
1040 Fernwood Glendale Rd #26, Spartanburg, SC 29307   

Fee: $20 Special Anytime Fitness Introductory Fee (normally $30)

Taught by Kaleo Wheeler

Private Sessions 
In person at the River House at the Glendale Shoals and 
Online on Skype

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